Friday, April 1, 2011

"Gal" Friday (World Exclusive)! Maggie Gyllenhaal

Man, do I feel lucky today!

With much appreciation to my good friend actor Christian Bale, and through the courtesy of Warner Bros., Legendary Pictures, and director Christopher Nolan, the Comic Book Catacombs is proud to announce that actress Maggie Gyllenhaal will surprisingly reprise the role of Rachel Dawes in the upcoming feature film The Dark Knight Rises.

Savvy bat-fans will recall that assistant district attorney Dawes was seemingly killed by the Joker in a factory explosion at the conclusion of the 2008 film The Dark Knight, so this news may come as a shock. However I remember the very moment during the film when it was - oh so subtly - revealed that Dawes had actual superpowers. There was a sequence about midway through that movie when the Joker and his gang interrupted a fundraising gala thrown by Bruce Wayne for DA Harvey Dent. In that sequence the Joker hurled Rachel from the rooftop of the Wayne building and although the Batman pitched himself after Rachel, and somersaulted his torso beneath hers before both of them alarmingly crashed onto a parked automobile, Rachel Dawes didn't so much as crack a nail. It had been established that Batman was decked out in a highly resilient techno-armor costume, but Dawes was wearing an evening gown and pearl necklace, so it was left up the audience to decide how she could possibly have walked away from a twenty story drop without a scratch.

All of the details over how she survived will likely be a huge part of The Dark Knight Rises, so it's yet another reason to look forward to the concluding chapter of the billion dollar box office franchise in 2012.

Gyllenhaal wouldn't normally make the cut for "Gal" Friday, but given the exclusive news that I was blessed to present here today, I googled her for some info and was startled to find the excellent cheesecake photo above (top). That sexy photo and this exciting info snippet were musts for today's post, heck I would have been foolish to pass on this opportunity.



HannibalCat said...

Holy April 1st, Batman - what a surprise!

borky said...

See, HannibalCat there rumbled y'u, but me - Mr. Trusting - I didn't!

Even as I was thinking, ooh, you little name dropper, I was also thinking Maggie Gyllenhaal's character might be an attempt to smuggle, (under cover of Batman), DC's female vigilante figure Manhunter onto the silver screen, (make her Angelina Jolie and it'd probably be a huge hit!).

Why you silver tongued American devil, you!

Mykal Banta said...

What a scoop! What a minute - what's today's date. Aw, crap!