Thursday, May 19, 2011

In Memorium: Jeffrey Catherine Jones

Renowned artist Jeffrey Catherine Jones, whose work is best known from the late 1960s through 2000s, has passed away. Jones struggled with inner personal demons and ultimately underwent sex reassignment surgery in the late 1990’s. Her talent was never in question, and she provided hundreds of covers for different types of books, as well as venturing into fine art and sculpture. The great Frank Frazetta considered Jones "the greatest living painter”.

The portrait illustration of Jones (right) is by Michael Netzer. The Catacombs extends its condolences to her family, friends and fans.


Fritz "Doc" Freakenstein said...

My first exposure to Jones’ work was on the covers for Fritz Leiber's Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser paperback books. I was already a Howard fan and Frazetta’s covers on the Lancer editions of his Conan books, but these wonderful depictions of Leiber’s unique fantasy creation led me to seek more of Jones’ work.

I still own my copy of The Studio, an art book that was published in 1979, that featured the artwork of Jeffery Jones, Michael Kaluta, Barry Windsor-Smith and Berni Wrightson. Of the four artists, Jones was most obviously influenced by Frank Frazetta, but he still created a more surreal effect with his muted use of color.

I’m glad that Wrightson is still consistently producing work in the comics field. I only wish that Smith and Kaluta were more prolific at producing comics work while they are still with us.

HEH said...

Oh don't tell me such sad news.
How? When?

Such a great artist will be missed.

Anonymous said...

I'm stunned. I'm a transwoman and had no idea Jeffrey had become Catherine. It all makes sense now as I completely identified with her artwork from the moment I first saw it, without really knowing why (as a child - I later came to understand why I identified to the characters - now to the artist as well).

She'll be missed.


Anonymous said...

Sad. Sorry for Him.
If medical tratment was affordable he may have been saved.