Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Oh my! Lions, Tigers and Bears

The award-winning Lions, Tigers and Bears was originally a breakout hit published by Image Comics. Now Hermes Press continues the further adventures of Joey Price and his furry pals of the Night Pride in graphic novel form, with an all-ages approach that is perfect for libraries and any kid's bookshelf. After reprinting the first two Lions, Tigers and Bears mini-series, Hermes launches a new adventure with Volume 3: Greybeard's Ghost!

As Greybeard's Ghost opens, young Joey meets his friend Courtney's obnoxious older cousin, Beth, and wishes for the Beasties to take her away. When Joey's wish comes true, he and Courtney must venture back to the Stuffed Animal Kingdom to save her, along with his brave animal friends Ares, Venus, Minerva, and Pallo, This exciting tale takes the crew aboard a Beasties-infested pirate ship and an encounter with the legendary Greybeard himself!

In the vein of other landmark all-ages fare such as Jeff Smith's Bone; Lions, Tigers and Bears is geared towards younger readers with wholesome stories in a large full-color graphic novel format. Greybeard's Ghost is written by series creator Mike Bullock with art by Michael Metcalf, and has a cover by Mike Ploog (Abadazabad), plus two original back-up stories with art by Dan Hipp and Adam van Wyck. Lions, Tigers and Bears won the 2007 Angouleme International Comics Festival Discovery Youth Prize, and will continue to deliver the same engaging stories through its new life at Hermes Press. Check it out!

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