Monday, July 25, 2011

Vote for Female Commander Shepard!!

The friendly folks at Bioware staged a nice presence throughout Comic-Con this year with presentations devoted to the launch of Dragon Age 2: Legacy DLC (available online tomorrow), Star Wars: The Old Republic, and of course, Mass Effect 3. Although its been announced that ME3 has been pushed back until March 2012 to allow the developers more time on this high dollar franchise blockbuster game, that hasn't dimmed the expectations of gamers everywhere.

Now, the very vocal fans who've long been trumpeting their preference for Female Commander Shepard have earned a terrific perk. Bioware has posted six possible FemShepards on Facebook [here] to allow fans to choose the "official" version of the lady, with the winning option featured on promotional material for Mass Effect 3, on the game cover itself (alongside default Male Shepard) AND in her own game trailer.

Visit the Facebook link (above) and choose. Currently the voting breaks down as follows: #1 has 7,893 votes; #2 has 5,228 votes; #3 has 11,276 votes; #4 has 12,756 votes; #5 has a whopping 30,961 votes (the largest margin by far) and #6 has 3,579 votes. Number 5 seems to be the runaway favorite, but I couldn't find information for how long the vote will remain open, so that may change. Sadly, #6 is closest to my own customized in-game FemShepard, so I voted for that one. Just "like" the one that you prefer, and follow the results here as the tally will be updated regularly!

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HEH said...

6 please! #4 looks too much like Posh Spice. I can't understand why 5 has so many votes.