Wednesday, October 26, 2011

INNER SANCTUM: Tales of Mystery, Horror and Suspense from NBM!

The 2011 Halloween Film Festival review of Black Christmas (1974) that I had planned to run today, will instead be posted tomorrow. For this weeks Halloween "hump day" featurette, take a look at a new pet project of veteran comics creator Ernie Colón

Inner Sanctum was an original 1941-1952 American radio program, with related film and television productions that many fans of mystery and horror fondly recall. The revered Colón brings to comics life striking black & white tales based on one of the most popular radio shows in history. The Horla: A man is haunted by a mysterious, grotesque being only he can see. Its true intent; to enslave and destroy him! Death of a Doll: An unidentified corpse in the morgue intrigues a reporter, who sets out to identify her and how she died. A doll which was found on her, cries "Kara Nana", which is another name for the devil! The Undead: A young woman discovers an obituary for her still living husband! Alive in the Grave: Seeing a man collapse in an alley, a good Samaritan rushes to help only to find that the man is dead. Jobless and desperate, he takes the mans wallet, only to find out later that he may not have been dead. He rushes back only to find that the man has been removed and buried, perhaps alive!

Inner Sanctum, a 112 page, B & W, jacketed hardcover by Ernie Colón from NBM is available for $16.99. Thanks to Stefan Blitz for the sneak peek!


Pappy said...

Very cool Colón, Chuck! By coincidence Mykal Banta is showing another aspect of Colón's talent today with a Richie Rich story.

The Inner Sanctum book looks like a must-have double-bagger to me. I want it.

Chuck Wells said...

Yeah, Colón looks like another of those fine, old school talents who've not lost their skills, and who continue to remain sadly ignored or marginalized by the current editorial establishment at the "big two".

Mykal Banta said...

Fantastic Colón, Chuck! Really fascinating. He is such a great cartoonist. As you say - Mr. Colón still has all his chops!