Friday, December 30, 2011

The Catacombs 2011 Year End Recap!!

Before 2011 ends with a whimper, I would like to take a moment to thank some of the fine folks who've helped make this year quite memorable for the Comic Book Catacombs. Several publishers/manufacturers allowed me to present early previews or glimpses at some of their upcoming books, toys and other properties so here's to Tommy Hancock/Moonstone; Gerald Cooper/InVision; Stefan Blitz/NBM; Ed Catto/CA Enterprises; Chris Irving/Hermes Press, and Mark Ross/Curse of the Phantom Shadow. Guys, I really appreciated having an opportunity to show off your goods.

This year among all the bevvy of Hollywood beauties that appeared in my regular “Gal” Friday featurette, a single lass allowed me to "officially" introduce all of you to her. Thanks, Riddle! You're one of the best cos-players on the convention circuit, and it's always great seeing you at the regional shows that I attend. Artist Bridgit Scheide was the only actual creator interview that I ran this year, something that I regret, but I was being a tad lazy (so that's on me). Thanks, Bridgit! And thanks also to artist Juan Pedro Quil√≥n for special contributions. You "guys" were terrific!

The world of entertainment lost a number of faces that were familiar to genre geeks. 2011 saw the passing of Anne Francis, Susannah York, Michael Gough, Elisabeth Sladen, William Campbell, Jackie Cooper, Yvette Vickers, Jeff Conaway, James Arness, Cliff Robertson, and recently Cheeta the Chimpanzee. Sadly for us comic book fans, many of the old guard and several talented younger creators (see above) were lost this year. Let's never forget the timeless contributions of legendary artists such as Dwayne McDuffie, Jeffrey Catherine Jones, Gene Colan, Lew Sayre Schwartz, Dave Hoover, Jerry Robinson, Joe Simon, and Eduardo Barreto.

Finally, I would like to say a big thank you to all of the folks over in my links section for posting so many classic comic book stories and related items. It's become a daily pleasure to stop by your blogs and see what's going on there; plus to everyone who frequents my own little blog - thank you so much. I'm glad that you find something of worth here to bring you back time and again. Here are a few interesting factoids about the Comic Book Catacombs: The Comic Book Catacombs has roughly 7,062 monthly visitors, viewing on average 1.30 page views per session. That equates to between 235-257 daily visitors. United States visitors account for approximately 41% of my readership and almost 68% of my page views. Visitors from other countries account for approximately 58.50% of my readership and another 31.40% of my page views. Apparently my websites estimated value is $17,581.44. I can live with that!

Here's to us all, as we slide forward into the Mayan "year of doom", 2012. Don't forget to celebrate Christmas a few days early next year, or you may miss out. Just kidding! Maybe. 


The Groovy Agent said...

What it is, Chuck! I read your bouncin' blog every day, though I don't comment much (shame on me). Just wanted to thank you for providing such a cool hangout!

Chuck Wells said...

No problem, Groove! I have some anonymous visitors, who aren't as anonymous as they might think. And it takes time to troll through so many cool blogs, I also pop in at quite a few without taking the time to leave comments, so we're all good.