Friday, December 23, 2011

"Gal" Friday! Jingle Belle

Although I supposedly "swore" off of live Christmas trees last year, I caved. It only took a few days, but the stealth Triffid otherwise known as a Fraser fir finally tail-gunned my sinuses. I've been wallowing in "les miserable" since mid-week and semi-hating on my three grown children for cajoling me into this for the holidays - yet again. No more! I swear.
As is, I hadn’t given much thought to who this weeks “gal” Friday selection could possibly be; too many to choose from – as always. So, I’m calling a late Friday afternoon audible for the impending holiday weekend and going with Jingle Belle the cutie pie cartoon character created by Paul Dini. She's Santa Claus' spoiled teen-age daughter, whose stories depict Jingle's usually contentious relationship with her famous father.

The character has been featured in a variety of comic book mini-series and one-shots (all written by Dini) and also in a series of animated shorts (available on She has been the subject of lots-o merchandise too, including a Jingle Belle statue, a Christmas ornament, a lunch box, and a t-shirt, featuring artwork by Bill Morrison. Illustrators who have brought her to life at Oni Press & Top Cow have included Morrison, Stephen DeStefano, J. Bone, Sergio Aragon├ęs and Stephanie Gladden. The image (above) is by Greg Horn.

Merry Christmas to all!!

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Andy 7 said...

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, Chuck, if the tree doesn't get you first.