Friday, April 4, 2008

"Gal" Friday! Blythe Metz

Blythe Metz is a Chicago-based actress whose resume consists of roles in a few mostly forgettable films and a couple of horror genre releases like The Nightmare Man & Jacqueline Hyde (loosely based on the Robert Louis Stevenson literary classic, of course).

She is also one of several pro-active young starlets that jockeyed for the role of DC Comics Wonder Woman, but in her case she managed to make a cute little film of herself "performing" some action scenes as the Amazon Princess Diana in the costume pictured at right.

It's available on You Tube if you search under her name, and you really outta go check it out when you get the chance.

I don't see Blythe as WW for any big screen version, but if they had intended to do a simple TV remake of the old Lynda Carter series; maybe on the CW network - - - then I think she would have been ideal.

Now, if only she would consider doing a private command performance here in the Catacombs .....

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Mr. Karswell said...

Huba Hubba! It's like Diane's slutty younger sister filling in the go-go boots. And I have absolutely NO problem with that.