Thursday, May 15, 2008

From the Dust Bin: Marvel Team-Up #36 & #37

Yep! Following up on yesterdays Man-Wolf Flashback, it seems that John Jameson's furry alter ego may have met up with Marvel's spiffy 1970's version of Frankenstein's Monster, when both horror icons faced off against the Amazing Spider-Man in his groovy spin-off book, Marvel Team-Up.
In Marvel Team-Up issues #36 & #37 (Aug. & Sept. 1975), what appears to be a two-parter, unfolds with Spidey and Frankie up against the dreaded Monster-Maker, who also encountered the mysterious Man-Wolf, when he joined into the fray during the following issue. I've included a couple of panels which reveal the nefarious villains ultimate goal of syphoning off powers from all three of the "heroes" in order to create his own monster army to avenge his perceived mistreatment at the hands of a cruel world. Darn it! I hate it when that happens too.

I had plenty of Team-Up issues, back in the day, but I never had either of these issues. I do think that I may have to add them to my current want list, which is growing exponentially as the convention season gets underway. Damn, I may need to take on a part-time job in order to afford these gems.


Mr. Karswell said...

Ditch that part time job idea, there's a bunch of copies of each issue starting at #1 on ebay right now. Just search for:

Marvel Team-Up #36

Marvel Team-Up #37

PS: There's also a bunch of Real Dolls for sale too, but I'm sure you don't want to buy one of those "used."

Chuck Wells said...

Yay, on the Team-Up's.

Yuck, on the "used" Real Dolls.