Friday, May 2, 2008

"Gal" Friday! Fan Girls-a-go-go ....

Summer convention season is currently heating up so expect to see some interesting costumes paraded around the show floors at many of these comic book shindigs. Nubile young lasses and buff he-men will conspire to win you over with their largely, self-created costumed interpretations of diverse four color legends.

Being a lech, of course my faves are the chicks who opt to flash a little skin when acting out the roles of their fantasy femmes.
(Above) are a few examples of what you might see strutting around eliciting cold sweats from young fanboys and older degenerates alike. A web interpretation of what a "Hooter's" restaurant gal would look like in a typical pulp-inspired t-shirt, two unidentified hotties as Wonder Girl and Supergirl, and a couple of glimpses at famed costume queen Ruby Rocket done up as Phoenix of the X-Men.

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