Thursday, May 1, 2008

Reviewing the review of DC Universe #0

Matt Brady's Newsarama site is a wonderful resource for comics-related news and information, and he enthusiastically loves his work (and the hobby). I truly tip my hat to him.

But Matt's description of this weeks DC Universe #0 as "a brilliant trailer, a sharply conceived bit of pop candy that’s designed to stoke the fires of fandom" left me all alone out here - - - I guess. After back-to-back year long weekly series from DC, and dozens of spin-off series that tied into the whole "52"/ "Countdown" mess, AND with even more to come; I am beyond burned out on all things DCU at the moment.

You see, Matt goes on to say that DCU #0 is "essentially a collection of glimpses at the various and sundry stories that piggy-back off of Final Crisis" and that it's "absolutely ground-level stuff. It’s a bull-by-the-horns admission that while decades of continuity can be confusing, here’s what you need to get right into the story. And it works."


Confusing glimpses do not a story make .... even at 50 cents. Yeah, it's a great deal all right, and I bought it, but Free Comic Book Day is coming up in three days, folks. For no more than DC Universe #0 was, I can't help but wonder why DC just didn't make this their FCBD offering. A glorified trailer for more ring-around-the-rosy-pablum-to-come would seemingly have fit the bill for that fan-oriented event.

I'm honestly trying not to be a nitpicker here, but I have grown tired of the marketing machine of the the "Big Two" (DC & Marvel) endlessly spinning out such fare for the willing gerbils who simply don't mind spinning pointlessly around in a cage.

As for the media spoiled reveal at the end of the thing, well all I can say is welcome back Barry. I hope that you can stick around this time.

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