Friday, May 30, 2008

"Gal" Friday! Miss November 1984

Well, I typically found myself in a tough spot again today. "Gal" Friday is actually never easy for me. There are just so many lovelies who need to be pointed out to all of you desperate, depraved voyeurs. But here in the Catacombs we break a tie by flipping a coin and here is the lass who won out over a hot genre chick who will be returning to TV screens this fall.

Playmates! Ya' gotta love 'em and everybody has a favorite. Mine is the absolutely stunning Miss November 1984, Roberta Vasquez. From the first time that I saw her in another Playboy photo layout, prior to her selection as one of Hef's monthly Bunnies, she was "it" for me. I was single at the time and a horny military serviceman to boot, so in all likelyhood I would really have shot somebody to get a crack at this Hispanic hottie.

Think about these stats: Height - 5 ft. 8 inches, Weight - 125 lbs, Bust - 40D, Waist - 25 inches, Hips - 36 inches.

And at age 45, Roberta is still smoking hot. Her first Playboy pictorial also pointed out the awesome fact that she was a former California State Police Officer. I would really like to show you a more "revealing" photo of her, but while I play it coy from time-to-time here in the Catacombs, its best to avoid full nudity. That doesn't prevent any of you from "Googling" Ms. Vasquez and trust me, you'll be glad that you did.

Now, I've gotta go take a really cold shower and polish my set of handcuffs.

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