Friday, November 28, 2008

"Gal" Friday! Alice Goodwin

I really love the scrumptious cheesecake models who appear in British tabloids like The Sun or Zoo Today, whether they are established professionals or amateurs who are just starting out, they just seem wholesome to me - despite the nudity.

(It's all in good fun!)

Alice Goodwin caught my eye when I spotted a photo of her over at Frank Cho's Apes and Babes forum. The poster who placed her picture there didn't identify her by name, so ye Catacombs editor-in-chief had to launch a search in order to ferret out this beguiling gals nom de guerre (not that I believe this gorgeous young lady is using a fictitious name, but you know what I mean).

Just look at the photos at left and you will get a small hint of her considerable charms. She is a great pick to restart the "Gal" Friday feature here on the blog, and hopefully some of you will feel encouraged to seek out more of her "revealing" photo shoots online.

This girl is definitely one to kill for!

1 comment:

joe ackerman said...

hell, yeah! never seen Alice before, but I suspect I'm going to be seeing a whole lot more of her - fnar! fnar! - in the future! I'm off to buy the new Nuts!