Friday, March 13, 2009

"Gal" Friday! (& "Classic Cutie") Allison Hayes

West Virginia native Allison Hayes died in 1977 from leukemia, after suffering for years from the debilitating effects of lead poisoning that resulted from taking a specific vitamin supplement for many years. The lovely B-movie actress appeared in many minor film roles and after her health began to decline she continued her acting career largely on television and she also modeled extensively.

Her greatest claim to fame is the cult 1950's sci-fi genre film, Attack of the 50 ft. Woman. As part of "Atomic Month" in the Catacombs, I've chosen the late Ms. Hayes as today's "Gal" Friday for her famed performance in that film. After her character encountered a giant, glowing alien, she began to morph from the weird energy (radiation/?) into an unhinged giantess herself. Discovering that her husband was a cheap philanderer, Allison's titanically proportioned she-giant wreaked havoc on the local town in her quest to slay her hubby. The films famous climax had Allison meeting her "shocking" death as she grasped a convenient power line.

Rest in peace, Ms. Hayes! You were quite the looker.

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Anonymous said...

Nice post,really enjoyed it. Hayes was a classic beauty who kept getting better looking as she aged. She actually made the film "Attack of the 50 foot woman" better than it was.The film was remade a few years back and was a forgetable film and remake, which really shows that this little B gem of a movie has yet to be outdone. Even Monsters vs. Aliens gave a nice homage to it.