Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Heroes (3/23/2009): "Cold Snap"

There be spoilers here!

Writer Bryan Fuller returned to NBC TV’s "Heroes" in a big way with last nights episode, Cold Snap. If nothing else, the heightened tension of the sequence where Angela Petrelli was imperiled, was a big step in the right direction for the struggling third year series. Several characters were thankfully absent, but those that were present had some nice moments. Hiro & Ando were once again in fine comic relief mode as they found themselves "rescuing" baby Matt Parkman, Jr., with the "added" benefit of having Hiro’s powers partially restored by the tot - who has an eclipse-induced ability of his own.

Rumors have abounded for weeks that a female cast member "might" be departing, so this weeks two casualties will leave viewers wondering which of the "unlucky" ladies aren’t going to be seen again. My guess is that poor Daphne is definitely a goner, but ice-woman Tracy managed to wink at H.R.G. despite having just been shattered by a bullet from the hunter, Danko. She just may rebound, though time will tell. I’ve been saying that the extended cast should be whittled down a bit, but don’t waste all of the cute chicks, guys. Nathan and Mohinder became villains, they really need to take the ultimate fall for their actions.

The identity of the mysterious "Rebel" was revealed and it was a nice welcome back for young Micah.

It HAS been cool seeing the show address fans concerns over how powerful Peter and Hiro were, and now with their currently diminished talents, this should allow for better story potential. Why not do the same with Sylar? Mrs. Parkman’s appearance was also welcome, but why did Hiro spirit away Ando & Matt Jr., but leave her hanging in the lurch?

I guess the show runners still have a few kinks left to work out, but at least this time I can say that I will be onboard next week.

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