Thursday, March 26, 2009

"Peril at Ploesti!" from Atomic War! #4 (Ace Comics; 1953)

During my complete posting of Ace Comics 1950's comic book series, Atomic War!; we've seen Cold War combat in the air, on the ground, in outer space and at sea, so it's with great pleasure that I close out the final week of "Atomic Month" in the Catacombs with a short & spiffy UNDER-sea tale from the final issue of this antiquated-but-interesting Commie-bashing series. With the exception of the previously mentioned, incomplete "Old-Timers Never Die" story from this very issue, that's pretty much it for this brief run, folks.

As a bonus today, I've included the cover for the fourth and last issue along with the cover of another related Ace series called World War III.


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Anonymous said...

Mehmet looks as if he has his doubts about going back in with Walker, and rightly so.