Wednesday, September 8, 2010

1980's Flashback: Arion, Lord of Atlantis

Arion, Lord of Atlantis debuted in DC comics series, Warlord #55 (March 1982), the character was created by Paul Kupperberg and Jan Duursema. The back-up feature continued its run until issue #62 and then Arion gained his own series in November (which lasted for 35 issues). The double-sized final issue showed the destruction of Atlantis.

Arion was a powerful Homo Magi from the nobility of ancient Atlantis; an immortal sorcerer who was born in 45,000 BC. Ari'ahn and Garn Daanuth are the twin sons of Calculha and Dark Majistra, two very powerful Atlantean sorcerers. While Calculha raised Ari'ahn to be a follower of light and the Lords of Order, Majistra raised Garn to be an acolyte of the Lords of Chaos. His companions included an Atlantean guardsman, Wyynde, and Lady Chian, his lover and the captain of King D'Tilluh's royal guard. Among his enemies are his brother Garn Daanuth, a formidable practitioner of the dark arts and Chaon, the puissant god of evil and chaos.

In his first appearances Arion was a sorcerer who protected the ancient, then land-bound kingdom of Atlantis during an upcoming ice age, however after thousands of years of adventures Arion lost his ability to channel magic directly from his body and had to rely on mystical artifacts for his magical powers.

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