Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sneak Peek at Savage Beauty (debuting January 2011)

As promised, and thanks to Ed Catto & Joe Ahearn of Captain Action Enterprises, here is a sneak peek at "Savage Beauty" debuting from Moonstone in January 2011. It's a billed as a re-imagining of the Jungle Girl genre.

Take a walk on the wild side with Savage Beauty, a new comic series that tells the stories of sisters Lacy and Livvy Rae, and their travels throughout modern-day Africa as they are called upon to help right wrongs, protect the innocent and punish evildoers. As reporters for Africa Adventures Online, the Rae sisters are guided by the mysterious Mr. Eden to assume the identity of the mythical goddess Ayana. Disguised as this "Savage Beauty", the two girls fight modern-day pirates, hard corps militias, corrupt politicians and various other real-world adversaries torn from today's headlines.

Savage Beauty will take you on an exciting journey as the Rae sisters discover their purpose in life, even as they make a real difference in the world.

Plus the comic book series intends to make a difference too - each issue will donate a full page to partner causes such as Oxfam, Just A Drop and Invisible Children, among others.

The promotional artwork (above) reveals character designs for the stars of Savage Beauty, along with Savage Beauty #1 cover by Thomas Yeates and at bottom-right, an underdrawing for another upcoming cover by Newsweek cover artist, Chris Short.

Thanks to Ed & Joe for sharing this early look at Savage Beauty (remember to look for that in January 2011). I also have one more behind the scenes glimpse from these guys soon, this time for fans of all-things "robots" (who aren't necessarily in disguise).


Anonymous said...

This looks fantastic! The pencil drawing by the Newsweek artist is going to make a great cover.


Mykal Banta said...

Promising! Promising, indeed. And I agree with the previous, anonymous commenter: That drawing by the Newsweek cover artist certainly seals the deal for me. Consider that first issue bought!

Ed Catto said...

THe book's at the printer now - should be on sale in about 2 weeks!

Chuck Wells said...

Thanks, Ed! Glad to hear that.