Monday, September 6, 2010

Captain Action: Let Justice Be Done!

Thanks to lifelong enthusiast, Ed Catto, who is a marketing executive with over fifteen years experience with brands such as Oreo, Disney and Fox, I get to present an early look at an upcoming comic starring a classic character. You see Ed is currently affiliated with Captain Action Enterprises, LLC.

These guys have licensed the super-groovy, 1960's Ideal Toy Company icon to Moonstone Comics for a string of all-new Captain Action Comics, starring a contemporary version of the classic hero. Kids of the 1960's could take their original "Captain Action" doll on whatever adventures they could imagine, and then by purchasing licensed accessory kits, transform the hero into other guises such as Superman, Batman, The Lone Ranger, The Phantom, Flash Gordon, Captain America, Sgt Fury, Steve Canyon and Aquaman. Eventually Ideal added Spider-Man, Buck Rogers, The Green Hornet, and Tonto as options. The toy line was discontinued in 1968.

Beau Smith and Eduardo Barreto produced a six page story for Moonstone that appeared in Captain Action #4 and Eduardo also drew the cover to the Captain Action Special #1, which was published earlier this year.

These two veteran creators are now hard at work on the lead story for the Captain Action Winter Special #1, which goes on sale in January 2011. This issue will sport a Mark Wheately cover and the back-up story will be a "Lady Action" thriller by creators Tony Lee and Reno Maniquis.

If you fondly recall this "original" 1960's action hero and want to experience a little nostalgia, seek out either the four issue Moonstone Comics series, or let your comics shop know that you want a copy of the cool upcoming Captain Action Winter Special #1. Until then enjoy this sneak peek at some behind the scenes artwork by Eduardo Barreto (and thanks again to Ed Catto for providing this early look).

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Anonymous said...

I always look forward to any material that Beau Smith and Eduardo Barreto do, whether together ( my personal favorite ) or separate.

Having a "Captain Action" storyline to look forward to by these two is just great. Can't wait.