Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Who Are The Zeroids?

"Lost in space for half a century, the ZEROIDS have returned to protect the people of Earth in our greatest hour of need. Armed with extra-terrestrial technology acquired during their travels among the stars, these five amazing machines are all that stand between the Shadow Raiders of the Black Nebula and the total extinction of the human race."

Based on the classic 1960's line of Ideal Toys robots, this new Moonstone Comics series, The Zeroids is written by Aaron Shaps and illustrated by Craig Henderson. If sci-fi thrills are your thing then this new title is chock full of robot-smashing excitement, dangerous aliens, flesh-eating zombies and smoking hot sorority babes.

Ed Catto & Joe Ahearn have licensed this property to Moonstone from their Captain Action Enterprises and Ed has kindly provided the promo photos that accompany today's post. Check out the cool image of three original "Zeroids" toys along with a seasonal Christmas ad from the Swinging 1960's (lower; right). The lovely computer-generated character test for "Destiny" is pretty sweet, too. Heck, she could almost qualify as a "Gal" Friday selection.

Ed & Joe seem to be firing all guns with their collective efforts on Captain Action, Savage Beauty and The Zeroids. Makes you wonder what else they'll soon have in the pipeline.

Pick up a copy of "The Zeroids" from Moonstone Comics and give it a try.


SabrebIade said...

LOL...I had the blue one and the gray one when I was a kid! And a Captain Action to boot!

Abner said...

Love the artwork, especially the third picture. Sounds very cool.