Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Comic art is just different. It's art on its own terms. - Joe Simon

I know that Wednesday is "new" comics day, but Mr. Simon's quote prompted me to clear out a few pieces of art that have been loitering around in the files. In descending order: "Aurora" by the late Dave Stevens; "Catwoman" by Paul Dini; an outstanding "Daredevil" by the legendary Neal Adams (I would love to see Neal tackle this character in a monthly series); "Jungle Girl & Lion" commission by Bob McLeod; "The Punisher" by sorely missed Mike Zeck (come back, Mike); and a full-color "Panther Wench" commission by Ernie Chan. As always, click on each image to embiggen. Tomorrows regular post will be a classic golden age jungle story. Thank you for being patient!


pete doree said...

That's the single best DD illo I've ever seen, and I didn't even realize it was Neal Adams! My gut reaction was just WOW.

Chuck Wells said...

I agree with you, Pete.

Say, before you pass out again, I've been maintaining the link to your "Bronze Age of Blogs" for quite some time, hoping beyond hope that you would snap out of your coma.

How you feeling lately?

Brownfrown said...

That Daredevil pic is so cool, it almost makes me forget about that horrible Ben Affleck atrocity.
The Brownfrowns

joe ackerman said...

yeah, pete! in Grud's name, lively up y'self! unless, of course, the reason you're not blogging is something really really serious, in which case: hoo-boy! do I feel like a yutz!

we miss ya, big man!

& I'm with you, Chuck, mate. what the comics world could do with about right now is a big old shot of Mike Zeck action. Mike drew a great Batman. . .

Bira said...

Hi, Chuck.
Great blog. man.
I am following you from Brazil.
Some things about me:
Best wishes

Demonhanzo said...

Loving the pictures. I especially love how epic the dare devil picture is.

Chuck Wells said...

Thanks to everyone for stopping by and sounding off.

Bira, I always appreciate artists who take the time to say hello, especially when they do so from another country.

Blogging. It's a great way to "see" the world!