Monday, December 26, 2011

Skyman in "The Purloined Jade Necklace" (Columbia;1945)

Well, I certainly hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend. My brother David, surprise-gifted me with fifteen Silver Age issues of "Green Lantern" (see above; thanks Dave), so I picked another classic hero from slightly further back to fill today's post.  Skyman stars in "The Purloined Jade Necklace" from Big Shot #61 (Nov.1945); originally published by Columbia. The GCD credits "Ed Mortiz" as artist, but I wonder if the guys real name isn't actually Ed Moritz. The latter version I've heard of as an inker at least. Who knows? Jungle stuff returns tomorrow, but I've got one last Skyman adventure in the queue; so expect that story this week too.

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Mike D. said...

I thought SKYMAN is an Ogden Whitney creation? I thought only he had done the comic book? This ED's work is nice though.