Friday, June 15, 2012

"Gal" Friday! Naomi Kyle

As I scrolled through the possible choices for this weeks "Gal" Friday selection (always a handful to consider), I pulled this young ladies photo from the pile and , well, here you go. Naomi Kyle is the host of’s popular show ‘The Daily Fix’. She is a Canadian, and former model, which has allowed her to bring her passion for video games to willing masses of gamer geeks (who suddenly seem to have lots of smoking hot chicks with similar interests in the media). I’ve gotta tell you, if - and it’s a big IF - there had been any gorgeous “gals” that were interested in comics and stuff in my neck of the woods when I was growing up, I would have been one happy camper.

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Anonymous said...

8 months ago under a video made by a 15 year old child who was born with HIV, Naomi Kyle, who uses the name stockyDoccy on you tube wrote: "dirty slut. serves u right having sex young unprotected." the girl was born with hiv and made a brave stand to discuss it. then along comes this bitch.
(, she's constantly on you tube writing hateful comments normally aimed at children, or disabled people or black people who she calls in one video "niggas". check her out.