Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Look it up (it's funny)!

I'm going to call someone a foul name before this post runs its course and I want you all to look up the term used online (since it is very funny and apropos). I recently discovered that some nameless troll has created a blog that is disguised as mine, that re-presents many of my own posts here in the "authentic" Catacombs, as his own. It annoys me quite a bit, since many folks link to this site and/or share my posts (a practice that is perfectly fine to me, and even flattering), but this bottom-feeder claims that his ersatz site is his blog creation. It took less than a couple of minutes to determine that reporting abuse to Blogger leaves much to be desired, and will require some thought before launching that necessary campaign. However, that doesn't mean that I can't point this ASS PUPPET out to my loyal (and/or casual) followers. So, if you find your way over to the alternate Catacombs (link). Please say hello to "Master Koplak" and tell him that the real, true, and original "The Comic Book Catacombs" says that he can suck my ass to infinity and beyond.


Mike D. said...

I share your pics from time to time...but I have never run across another blog/site with the same name as yours. I won't be looking for it either...there can be only one. The one true COMIC BOOK CATACOMBS...thatsa you baby!uctgthe

Daniel [] said...

Unfortunately, when it comes to dealing with problematic second- or third-parties, many business see only the problem of minimizing a legal obligation to act, and forget the reasons that they might simply choose to act, and what then they might do. Problem-reporting systems are therefore often designed to obstruct the reporting of problems while maintaining the appearance of diligence.

In the days before Google, I used to maintain a hyperlist that was extremely popular and was frequently duplicated without permission. I was generally successful in getting the clones closed-down. Now-a-days, I occasionally find an individual entry or original image from my 'blog expropriated, but I don't think that anyone much wants to clone the thing wholesale.