Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Voodah in "Challenge of the Longnoses" (McCombs;1947)

I have mentioned before that the golden age African warrior, Voodah, from Crown Comics was eventually altered by either the publisher, artists or colorists into just another white jungle lord in a loincloth. What the reasoning behind this transformation truly was is lost to the ages, but needless to say the forward thinking that had first allowed original creator Matt Baker to present a golden age black adventure hero had long since run its course. This previously untitled story that I’m calling “Challenge of the Longnoses” from Crown Comics #8 (Feb.1947); originally published by McCombs Publications, was drawn by artist Alex Blum (with possible inks by David Heames). Voodah kills a man clad in a crocodile costume and discovers a plot to kidnap local girls for sale to a gang of slave traders. The Catacombs is grateful to Don "Zu-Gogo" Falkos for providing the scans for this story. Note: The copyright for this issue, its contents and artwork belongs to the original publisher and/or creators and is reproduced here solely for entertainment purposes. Enjoy!

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