Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Joe Barton in "Jungle Drum" (Ziff-Davis;1951)

Today we have another neat golden age story called “Jungle Drum” from Wild Boy #11 [2] (Apr-May 1951); originally published by Ziff-Davis, and illustrated by industry legends, Irv Novick and Bernard Sachs. Joe Barton leads a safari into the jungles of the Congo on behalf of Mr. Parmalee, his lovely daughter Nan, and her asshole of a fiancé Cecil Hathaway (who gets spectacularly one-upped by Joe). This story appears courtesy of "Comic Book Plus" [formerly goldenagecomics.co.uk; please go donate to their worthy endeavor]. Enjoy!


HEH said...

Whoah, that splash page is quite suggestive in the poses of its gorilla and woman.

Chuck Wells said...

All right! Another mind left rolling around in the gutter, now that is true blog success right there, boys.