Saturday, May 3, 2008

Movie Review: Iron Man

There is no need for spoiler warnings as I'm not going into anything specific in regards to director Jon Favreau's adaptation of Marvel Comics Iron Man.

Before I proceed, I will say that Favreau superbly updates Shellhead's Cold War/Vietnam era/Chinese Communist origin and places it into the current "War on Terror" setting of Afghanistan. It translates extraordinarily well! Favreau has also found a very cool way of incorporating long time supporting character, Jarvis, who went from being solely Tony Stark's personal butler to shepherding the entire mighty Avengers for many decades in the comics. There are also nice nods to other "fanboy" elements from said comics.

Now, let me warn you about one thing ..... those of you who have strong nostalgic allegiances to other superhero movies should head into Iron Man forearmed. This film puts virtually every previous comic book superhero film to shame. It sets the bar very, very high for future superhero film adaptations.

Yes. It's that good, and it primarily is for one fairly simple reason - Marvel Entertainment and Jon Favreau WANTED to make an IRON MAN movie - and then went out and did just that. Spectacularly!

Everything that you would expect to see as a fan, and want to be included in the film, is there. The performances are spot on. Robert Downey, Jr is a fine actor, but he really breathes life into the role of playboy/millionaire/genius Tony Stark and then he just kicks ass as Iron Man. Gwyneth Paltrow is not simply eye candy here, she inhabits her role splendidly, as does Terence Howard and the awe-inspiring Jeff Bridges as Obadiah Stane.

I would be shocked if this movie is not one of the very top box office earners of the year, even with Indiana Jones, The Dark Knight, The Incredible Hulk and well, really anything else that's due to hit theaters for the remainder of the year.

Like Stan Lee always says, "Nuff Said!" Get in line now and enjoy an incredi - - - NO - - - an "Invincible" movie experience. You'll leave the theater saying, 'Wow' they've finally made a superhero movie worthy of the name.


Mr. Karswell said...

Might try to see it today... you better be right!!!

Kid Terror said...

I went in with high expectations, which is usually a bad thing to do with a superhero flick. Ironman surpassed all expectations.

Chuck Wells said...

I felt the same way, Kid. I'm glad that you liked it, maybe Karswell will have the same movie-going experience.

Hey, did you wait around for the "special" after credits scene?

Kid Terror said...

No, I heard about it. I'll have to watch it again this week.