Monday, June 23, 2008

Egg Hunt: What Comics I Scored at the Heroes Convention

Here is a glimpse at the Marvel Comics back issues that I picked up in Charlotte, NC during the Heroes Convention, which sadly ended yesterday, to flesh out my current collection. In many cases I had purchased them directly off of the stands when I was younger, but then failed to hang onto them over the years.

Devil Dinosaur #9
(Dec. 1978), Iron Fist #9 (Oct. 1976), Logan's Run #1 (Jan. 1977), Marvel Comics Presents #3 .... starring Guardians of the Galaxy (Feb. 1976), Marvel Team-Up #35 .... Human Torch & Dr. Strange (July 1975), Master of Kung Fu #18 (June 1974), The Micronauts #1 (Jan. 1979), The New Mutants #1 (Mar. 1983), Red Sonja #9 (May 1978), Strange Tales #174 .... starring the Golem (June 1974), Tarzan #1 (June 1977), Thor #280 (Feb. 1979)

Some titles, like Devil Dinosaur or Micronauts, I had never purchased any copies of the series, and in the case of Strange Tales, I picked up a better graded copy than the one I owned. I did pick up a smattering of newer books which I needed, too.


Kid Terror said...

Nice haul, y'know I've never read any Golem; how is it?

Mr. Karswell said...

Lots of good silver Chuck, looks like you scored! This weekend is the Chicago Con which I'm hoping to get to but it doesn't look probable at the moment.

Also, because of that Weird War Tales post you did a few weeks ago I've been going back and filling in the gaps of my collection. Really digging The Creature Commandos!

Chuck Wells said...

Yeah, the Creature Commandos are alot of fun.


Kid, you can have my extra copy of Strange Tales #174 and see for yourself. It's the first issue of the Golem's short run.