Sunday, June 22, 2008

Heroes Con: The Aftermath

The show is over!

Heroes Convention 2008 has come and gone. Again! Now, let the melancholy set in for another twelve months.

I had a great time, same as usual, yadda, yadda, yadda. Meeting Al Feldstein was a thrill, Frank Cho, Gary Friedrich & Ron Wilson, too. It was also terrific to catch up with old faves & friends like Budd Root (I've really gotta profile Cavewoman, soon), Nick Cardy, Marcus Hamilton, Jim Scancarelli, Jaime Hernandez, etc. Great talents and cool guys!

One aspect of the con that left me truly impressed me this year was the presence, contribution and talent of the female pros that were on hand. I left Charlotte with a new found respect for June Brigman (Brenda Starr, Power Pack), Colleen Doran (A Distant Soil), the vastly under-rated Stephanie Gladden (Hopster's Tracks, Tex Avery Comics, Simpsons Comics) and other ladies named Alisohn Sohn & Cat Staggs. I am planning on profiling several of them very soon.

I also picked up a few sketches and a few sought after back issues. Add in a weekend away from home with the guys (my brother and our good buddy, Burt), plenty of high calorie food and enough alcohol to choke a horse and it all equals a damn fine convention experience.

I will go into more detail over the next week. Right now I need rest.

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