Friday, June 27, 2008

"Gal" Friday! Melissa Archer

I'm satisfying a request by my youngest daughter to profile one of her favorite actresses from her favorite soap opera today. Melissa Archer joined the cast of "One Life To Live" in 2001, originally portraying "bad girl" Natalie. Over time her character was revealed to be related to the Buchanan family; she was even Jessica's half-fraternal, twin sister [don't ask].

The lovely Ms. Archer's character eventually emerged as a "good girl", she went on to become part of a very popular fan-couple with John McBain ( played by Michael Easton), although even that relationship has fallen by the wayside. "Natalie" is currently involved with a guy who had passed himself off as her own uncle [don't ask].

As for the Texas born Archer, who as a truly stunning redhead is more than deserving of a spot in the Catacombs, just don't tell my daughter how much I admire Melissa for her fabulous hourglass figure and spectacular rack. At some point everybody becomes a bit housebound, and at such times its nice to know that while the serial nature of the soap opera makes the acting seem quite "hammy", at least the scenery is worth checking out. Now , if only they would get Ms. Archer into a bathing suit (or less) occasionally.

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