Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Super Duck in "3-D Jeebies!"

Today's scan comes courtesy of my pal, Karswell (with a nice tip o' the hat to, Pappy).

Between 1944 and 1959, Archie Comics published ninety-four issues of Super Duck, originally a parody of superheroes, but after the third issue the series became simply an anthropomorphic/funny animal humor book. Super Duck had appeared earlier than his own self-titled series, in the Jolly Jingles anthology (which had taken over the numbering of the even earlier, Jackpot Comics).

"3-D Jeebies" is from the 1954 issue of Super Duck #55 [Thanks, Steve]. I will also have a couple more Super Duck shorts to pass along in the days to come.


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Mr. Karswell said...

>"3-D Jeebies" is from an unidentified issue

All the scans I initially sent to Pappy were from the April 1954 issue of Super Duck #55.