Thursday, June 19, 2008

From the Dust Bin: Jetta of the 21st Century

Jetta Raye's life in the 21st century played out, for three Standard Comics issues (#5-7) of Jetta between late 1952 and mid-1953. The "Sweetheart of the 21st century" who roamed the halls of Neutron High School was created by the late Dan DeCarlo [who famously drew Betty & Veronica and the other Riverdale teens of Archie Comics for decades].

Jetta's "future" was the typical, highly-stylized one that was prominent in the 1950's. Clanky robots, flying cars, jetpacks, television phones, etc. were all the rage for Jetta and her pals.

Bill Morrison of Bongo Comics has also recently painted over an original DeCarlo Jetta cover for a reprint collection of the original stories.


Mr. Karswell said...

Yet another golden age DeCarlo series I've never heard of! Looks fun!

FYI: I was digging around in a box and found an old issue of Super Duck I forgot I had. That's another lost classic! Ever see it? I sent some scans to Pappy cuz they don't fit my theme on THOIA, but Pap says he doesn't know if or when he'll ever post them. Wahhhh!

Chuck Wells said...

Yeah, I'm familiar with Super Duck or the "Cock-eyed Wonder" as he was also known.

If Pappy takes a pass, maybe I could do something.

Mr. Karswell said...

Ask Paps to send Super Duck to you if he ain't using them... I already deleted the scans from my hard drive.

Anonymous said...

It's possible that my dad, Art Saaf, did some work here.

Steve S

Chuck Wells said...

Then as a big fan of the old Better/Standard/Nedor line, let me say thanks for stopping by and letting us know that, Steve.

I'm very familiar with your dad's name and do appreciate you providing the link information so that I can visit your site.