Sunday, October 19, 2008

Harvey Pekar in Charlotte, NC

Harvey Pekar who writes the autobiographical underground comic book series, American Splendor, and Alison Bechdel who writes the autobiographical underground comic book series, Fun Home, appeared at the Heroes Aren't Hard To Find store in Charlotte, North Carolina on Friday, October 17.

Heroes, which is owned and operated by Shelton Drum, sponsor of the popular, long-running annual Heroes Convention (also in Charlotte) has long supported small press and independent comics.

Friday was a terrible, dreary day of drenching rains, so as you can imagine, the weather impacted the crowd drawn to the event. There were only about twenty souls present, but the pair of eclectic creators did appear later that evening at a Mecklenburg Public Library, "Titans of Graphic Novels" lecture. My group chose to drive across town to enjoy a nice barbecue dinner before the after-store event and then totally missed out on the additional appearance when we got lost looking for it.

To our credit, we did pass by the actual location at least twice, but we failed to recognize the venue. C'est la vie!

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