Monday, October 27, 2008

"Queen of Simba Land" (cont.)

Several of my blogging cohorts are gonna run season of the witch stuff this week due to the impending Halloween weekend, however I'm gonna break with that tradition and toss out more jungle comics instead. So, here is another jungle adventure tale from Rulah Jungle Goddess #22 (January 1949), but in a twist, instead of the lovely Rulah herself, you're getting a nice manly jungle lord.

Zago was also published by Fox Feature Syndicate. He made his first appearance in Zago, Jungle Prince #1 (September 1948). Zago was yet another white jungle adventurer, very much like the more popular Tarzan. Most online sources that I could find state that he was accompanied by his mate Wana, who bore a more than passing resemblance to Sheena (not really, since Sheena was a blond), but as you can plainly see in this story, Zago's gal is called Shara.

His last golden age appearance was in issue #4 of Zago, Jungle Prince (March 1949). The Zago stories are attributed to Jack Kamen on interiors and Matt Baker on covers. This short strip from Rulah looks like Kamen's work. Enjoy!

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