Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Heroes: "Eris Quod Sum" (You Will Be What I Am)

Peter is forced to work side-by-side with his former foe and brother-by-blood Sylar, when Angela Petrelli (who is a mother to both of them) dispatches Gabriel to Pinehearst.

Nathan and Tracy also try to save Maya and other subjects who've been held captive by Mohinder (who has just been brought into the Pinehearst fold by Arthur Petrelli).

Hiro is having doubts on Usutu's advice on how to handle the villains. After chowing down on Usutu's grub, Hiro chooses a path ... or has one chosen for him .... and Elle returns to surprise the Bennett family. However, the girl with the ability to generate electricity cannot control her power and seeks help from Claire. Meanwhile, Daphne is given a disturbing mission to kill Matt for refusing to join the villains.

It will be two weeks before the next episode airs, so we get a bit of a rest from the proceedings. Perhaps Kring and company will take the opportunity to reflect on the growing wave of criticism that the hit series has run smack into. Entertainment Weekly has also joined the chorus of voices suggesting helpful hints to reclaim lost viewers. I don't know what the next volume (planned to be called 'Fugitives') will be about, or whether some of the current cast will be weeded out, but things can't help but get better for the perpetually stupid gang of "Heroes".

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Robert McKinney said...

It seems to be a common complaint: 'the show's not as just as good as it was last season / in season one'. I've heard it about Buffy, Angel, Lost, and now Heroes. Phooey. Personally, I thought the last episode was exceptionally good.