Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The 2009 Want List

This week Mother Nature once again turns the clock on me, flips the switch and adds another year to the tally of my life. And while I may look a little long in the tooth, I ain't over the hill, I haven't entered the golden years, nor do I suspect that I've discovered the secret to my third life; however there is a distinct possibility that I may dust off and wear my birthday suit tomorrow, depending of course, upon the willing participation of my much younger consort (or her best friend, or both). You see the Catacombs is always open to pleasurable forms of depravity, so without further ado, let me take today to put up a portion of my 2009 Want List titles.

Marvel Comics published Beware!, Chamber of Chills, Crypt of Shadows, Dead of Night, Journey Into Mystery and Tower of Shadows from the late 1960's into the 1970's. Much of this material repackaged stuff from their anthology books of a decade earlier, but some of these gems started out with all-new material too. Artists whose work can be found within the pages of these comics include Wally Wood, Gil Kane, John Buscema, Don Heck, George Tuska, Barry Windsor Smith, Jim Steranko and Neal Adams, among others.

I originally had a few mixed issues among this grouping, but I never really bought them in large part due to the limited degree of availability in my area. If I saw them I bought them, if I didn't - - - I didn't. With the sorry state of affairs that exist at the House of Ideas these days, and in my continuing efforts to enjoy "real" comic books, I'm trying to correct my youthful oversight.

I am putting these "want list" titles up so that any among you that may have a line on affordable copies,of any issues from the runs of the pictured series, can let me know. I also plan on tracking down any copies that I can locate at the conventions that I attend this year, and let me say that I am perfectly willing to trade stuff for any issues of these books.

Wish me 'Happy Hunting"!

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Wayne Skiver said...

I will check my local sources Chuck and keep my eyes open. I should post my own want list, great idea!