Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Heroes (02/02/2009): "A Clear and Present Danger"

NBC TV aired its first episode of "Heroes" last night, after an extended holiday break and overall the episode was exciting, with the shows characters being picked up by forces under the control of Senator Nathan Petrelli (with the authorization of the President).

Some of the cast have been trying to settle into a "normal" life, others are trying to come to terms with the loss of their "abilities" and poor Claire can't seem to catch a break with anyone in her family. Biological father, Nathan (and grandmother Angela) are trying to keep her out of the loop, but the cheerleader quickly stumbles onto their scheme, which is to round up people with powers and imprison them.

Perpetual fall-guy, Peter Petrelli sure picks the wrong time to finally stand up to his brother, and he probably should have thought this through a bit more , as he is quickly taken down. I was saddened to see HRG himself is participating in Senator Petrelli's agenda, and Noah Bennett certainly won't win any points with his adoptive daughter over his choice either.

Isaac's power to draw the future seems to be very popular with the series writing staff, but how many ways are there to "earn" this ability? Isaac got his through an eclipse/?, Hiro & Matt got it by eating weird jungle stew in Africa and now, Matt Parkman gets it by being chosen as the next "prophet" by the ghost of Usutu the Spirit-Walker. I also have to agree with other online reviewers that the nature of Peter's power seems to have changed,and the writers have conveniently forgotten to clearly establish this. Based on available information online, the next few episodes are a bit "problematical" and viewers will have to wait and see if this formerly "hot" series can right itself, before it completely falls apart.

I hope so, but am seriously beginning to doubt it!

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