Friday, February 13, 2009

"Gal" Friday! Bar Refaeli

Israeli super-model, and budding actress, Bar Refaeli has already had a storied career, and she is only 23 years old. The lovely Bar became the subject of controversy within her country, for evading mandatory military service at the age of 18, by first marrying, and then conveniently divorcing, a well connected family friend. Following that publicity debacle, Ms. Refaeli entered into a lucrative modeling career, that has led to her recent selection as the cover girl of this years "Sports Illustrated" swimsuit issue.

She inadvertently fell into another public brouhaha, when her bikini-clad figure was plastered all over the outer shell of a Southwest Airlines 737 as a tie-in to her upcoming Sports Illustrated campaign. Southwest Airlines made news not so long ago, by humiliating a gorgeous, buxom blond when they refused to allow her to fly on their little plane because of her choice of wardrobe. A short skirt and a busting-at the seams blouse, because one happens to be rather stacked, is at least a degree better covered than a two-piece string bikini - - - isn't it?

Well, either way, it must also be pointed out that she is the current paramour of American actor Leonardo DiCaprio; which has led to speculation that her relationship with the popular actor is what got her the gig at SI. Whew! She certainly knows how to stir up a whirlwind. Add to that the fact that this young lady is absolutely smoking hot and you will forgive me for choosing her as this weeks "Gal" Friday!


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"Amen" is a very appropriate comment for me to load on Sunday, Crow.

Bar is definitely praise worthy!