Friday, February 20, 2009

"Gal" Friday! Script Girl

I had heard Harry and the gang over at "Ain't It Cool News" mention or reference "Script Girl" many times, but frankly I never really paid much attention. Recently, I took the time to see what the fuss was all about and pleasantly discovered that the girl in question was a cutie who covered current and pending script sales and negotiations in Tinseltown (aka Hollywood).

If nothing else, Script Girl certainly gets my attention for her prominent rack. Talk about a double whammy, big boobs are among my very favorite things, and she definitely knows how to use her assets to get your attention. I must also add that she does come across as a very intelligent young woman during her regular online podcasts.

Who cares about the scripts, let's see more of the girl?


Wayne Skiver said...

I just thought of several scripts I could write for'd need to be at least 18 to star in them of course...Is that wrong of me?

Chuck Wells said...

Nope! I'm afraid that my own thoughts went down the very same gutter, Wayne.

She is cute, stacked and smart, but something about "Script Girl" makes me believe that she might be "up" for something like that.

Wishful thinking, maybe?