Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Heroes (02/09/2009) "Trust and Blood"

Overall, last nights “Trust and Blood” was a pretty good episode of “Heroes”, but I have to point out a couple of things that I didn’t like, before touching on what I did.

The character known as “The Hunter” is the most unnecessary introduction that I’ve seen this year. I get it, Kring and company, he is supposed to be the hardcore, armed badass that takes the “powered-folk” down on behalf of the government (turncoat-brother, Sen. Nathan Petrelli & his briefly-glimpsed, Klingon President). So, Mr. Kring, have you ever heard of a guy by the name of Noah Bennett? Yeah, that guy, H.R.G. himself, who is surprisingly present for this very story arc, even as you’ve assigned his regular series role to an uninspired newbie. Stupid! Just stupid and poorly thought out. Even if you plan to kill off “The Hunter”, and you will, having Bennett perform all of the actions that the Hunter has would have heightened the tension between him and oh, say Claire and the other series characters that Noah has interacted with.

Speaking of Claire, you know Tim, she isn't proving to be all that important considering the entire first season was devoted to saving the cheerleader – so that she could - you know - save the world. I’m just saying, what the hell was that all about anyway? (No, I didn’t really think you ACTUALLY meant anything by that conceit in the first place).

Now Brea Grant was a real breath of fresh air in this sorriest of seasons. There was no other character like Daphne on the show, and she was a welcome presence, so naturally you may have killed her off, but before she disappears entirely, let me ask a question about our resident speedster. Once the first bullet struck her, why didn’t she dash off, heck she could even have taken Matt Parkman with her – bullet or not. And we’ve seen that she has enough street smarts in her to have done so, unless for instance, this week’s script called for yet another character to act stupid.

I mean seriously, now that Peter IS finally acting like he has a set of balls, of course, somebody else has to serve as the weekly stooge, and I guess poor Daphne got the nod. Stupid! Just stupid and poorly thought out. About Peter, before I forget, thanks for clearing up the change in his powers, but you really should’ve done that last week.

Nathan Petrelli has been a flip-flopper since day one, but he really needs to take a dirt nap at the end of the day. And don’t try this redemption shit with Mohinder. You turned him into a villain, a monster even, and he’s got to pay, so Tim old boy, the hit list is really narrowing down, because the most glaring thing wrong with “Heroes” is the ongoing cast expansion. Sorta ruins the whole overarching conspiracy thing, to keep building away from the series premise and then having to dig your way out of the corners that additional characters eventually drag you into - doesn't it?

Tracy is a far cry from the crummy Nikki/Jessica thing, and Ali Larter is to-die-for good looking, but hopefully she’s learned her lesson and can finally get on with Peter’s anti-Nathan program – should she ever breakout again.

Last question: Sylar gets a sidekick? And yet you keep sending sweet little Claire back to Costa Verde. I say cram her tight young behind into another cheerleading outfit and have her do a few nice jump kicks or splits for the gang. That's about all she's good for and you ought to know, you are writing this damn show.

Now let me remind you that you chose to rid us all of Isaac’s presence back during the first season, and even though his power is probably the cheapest effects shot among the rest of the casts powers, Matt Parkman is a mind reader. Let’s get back to that. Stupid! Just stupid and poorly thought out.
As for what I liked about this episode, I've already said that "overall" it was pretty good, but I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt until Bryan Fuller gets back into the mix, at which time I hope NBC cans your sorry ass.

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