Friday, March 27, 2009

Morrison Wants to Rip-Off Watchmen in 2010

It appears that Grant Morrison is working on a project involving the old Charlton Heroes for DC Comics. Based on the below comment fragment, fans of these classic characters are in for another round of pillaging. Sheesh! Can't they do something "better" with these guys? Half of them are "currently" dead or have had their identities morphed into more "politically correct" versions.

Morrison says: "There’s a Multiverse book that I’m working on. It will probably take forever because the book is quite difficult to write. I’ve been spending a lot of time on it. I’ve just been doing an Earth Four book, which is the Charlton characters but I’ve decided to write it like “Watchmen.” So it’s written backwards and sideways and filled with all kinds of symbolism and because of that it’s taking quite a long time to write. So there will be a Multiverse series coming out but that will be in 2010 or the middle of 2010."

Alan Moore should sue this guy! And that IS Watchmen illustrator Dave Gibbons artwork (above; left) on an older Superman project featuring the major Charlton gang.


Sam G said...

I want the real Question back. He was a kick ass character...especially on the JLU animated series.

Wayne Skiver said...

Why should Alan Moore sue him? The Watchmen were originally intended to be the Charlton characters, and they're both DC projects. If they want to rip off themselves I suppose they can (irksome though it may be)

It sounds to me like he's saying he's writing the story in a similar style as far as presentation, not content.

I'm just as pissed as you about the handling and altering of the Charlton characters though.

Chuck Wells said...

Wayne, it's just funny to me that DC ultimately decided to pass on releasing the Charlton characters to Moore - because they would effectively no longer be viable after Watchemen played out - only to later on change & alter them as much as they have AND now Morrison wants to take on the task of "darkening" them even further from what they were.

Look, these characters are not sacrosanct or anything, but it peeves me to see established characters written off or killed off only to be immediately replaced with somebody's latter day, politically correct version that's designed simply to appease the masses, while at the same time doing so, by trading on the recognition factor of the original characters "name".

It's wrong on so many levels!

joe ackerman said...

I couldn't agree with you more, Chuck. I'm still lost as to why they drafted in a character from a cartoon show to replace Vic Sage. the Question with a ponytail? Mr. A would have a fair old bit to say about that, I reckon.

and don't even get me started on Barry Allen being dead, then not dead, then dead again, then not dead again, and back. what was wrong with Barry Allen being the Flash, and Wally West being Kid Flash, in the first place?

and who are all these other idiots running around really fast?