Monday, July 20, 2009

1980's Flashback: The Thing

Twenty-six years ago, Ben Grimm (erstwhile strong man of the fabled Fantastic Four) received his own self-titled series, The Thing #1; beginning in July 1983. Initially the bashful, blue-eyed idol of millions took part in adventures that were fairly standard superhero fare set in the good old Marvel Universe, but following Benjie's participation in the first Marvel Superheroes Secret Wars series and then continuing into his own book, the Thing launched into a fun, multi-part saga called "Rocky Grimm, Space Ranger"; which ran between issues 11 and 22.

Taking place on "Battleworld", the hodge-podge planet that was created by the cosmic being known as the Beyonder; the ever-loving Thing encountered all manner of alien creatures, cuties like his lady-friend Tarianna and even established villains (including appearances by Ultron & Dr. Doom; who to a certain extent, stuck around following said Secret War).

Written by John Byrne, Mike Carlin & Bob Harras, with artwork on this specific group of issues being provided by Ron Wilson and Joe Sinnott, "Rocky Grimm" stood out as a really nice escapist series, that just tried to entertain its audience.

If you ain't got these gems, seek them out in the back issues bins!

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