Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Rulah Jungle Goddess (Golden Age Cover Gallery; Fox Comics)

Longtime visitors to the Catacombs already know that back during the golden age, Fox Comics published Rulah Jungle Goddess from August, 1948 to June, 1949. The comic was numbered #17 to #27; because it was formerly titled Zoot Comics and then with issue #28 it became a romance comic series under the title I Loved.

Rulah Jungle Goddess comics are in the public domain, so various publishers and creators have used them ever since. I still have a couple of Rulah stories to post, but for today, please enjoy the entire Rulah cover gallery from yesteryear.


Sam Martens said...

Rulah rules! Is there any plans for anyone to reissue these 11 comic books?

Chuck Wells said...

I don't know Sam. AC Comics has published some of these stories in their various reprint volumes, but beyond that I couldn't tell you.