Monday, July 20, 2009

Comic-Con International strikes in 3 Days! Catacombs Cries Foul!


I am not going - again - but hearing how large this show is, I usually placate myself by accepting that unruly mobs don't really float my boat anyway.


Hey, if any of you Catacombs regulars happens to be heading out to the "big show" AND if you can manage to pick up a spare copy of the 2009 Frank Cho/Brandon Peterson Princess of Mars print that accompanies this post, not only will I be glad to pay for the cost of it - - as a bonus - - I will throw in some cool freebies.

How about some free comics, guaranteed to include at least one 1970's issue (as a nod to the recently departed 70's Flashbacks), plus whatever else such a herculean effort may earn. This print is only being offered in a limited edition of 300, so I realize the actual odds of scoring one are probably minimal - at best.

Additionally you will receive my undying gratitude? Nah, how about a nice con sketch by a talented pro (of my choice, mind you) this is just a last minute plea after all; not an offer to lock me up in an insane asylum. If somebody takes me up on this, I will give them a choice between three art options.

Oh, well. There it is. My feeble offer for anyone that may be able to accommodate me. Either way have a great time in sunny California, and if nothing else, please squeeze some hot celebrity chick on the ass and tell them that the Catacombs says "hello".

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