Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Yawn! Frank Cho readies another jungle girl character.

Cheesecake king and official monkey boy Frank Cho is still hard at work on his upcoming Ultimates series for Marvel Comics, but he has also just posted some sketches of a new creator owned character that he is playing around with. Apparently since it’s still in the developmental stage, Cho hasn’t really thought out the premise beyond a few dozen sketches and a few notes, nor is he of a mind to reveal this characters name.

"Uncle Frank" says that he is mulling over doing a silent book utilizing this character, visually telling the story only through her actions. Considering how minimal the words were in his Shanna the She-Devil riff over at Marvel … I'm not surprised. In fact, Mr. Cho didn't really do a Shanna mini-series at all. He liberated the name of the classic character and then spun his own version of the She-Devil, but his Shanna wasn't a jungle girl, so much as an uber-Nazi-chick-on-dinosaur island-kinda thing. Later on, Cho pulled a fast one on Marvel and basically swiped his ersatz-Shanna for Dynamite Entertainment, calling her by the original sobriquet "Jungle Girl".

Cho can easily phone this kind of stuff in any day of the week, so I don't know how hard at work he actually is on this upcoming feature, but see for yourself if yet another semi-nude, chick with a cute little dinosaur is worth wasting your time on.
[Above; top]: Marvel's Shanna (left); Dynamite's Jungle Girl (right). What's the difference?

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Robert McKinney said...

Like you say ... who cares/ I'd rather 'Uncle Frank' finish his freaking Liberty Meadows series.