Friday, July 3, 2009

"Gal" Friday! Gabrielle Anwar

British actress Gabrielle Anwar co-stars in the USA Network television series, Burn Notice, as Fiona Glenanne; former IRA operative and Michael Westen's (played by lead actor Jeffrey Donovan) ex-girlfriend. Fiona re-entered Michael's life when he was dumped, half-dead in Miami; so she decided to stay, quickly making herself invaluable to him. Aside from serving as his explosives expert, she provides support to him during his investigations and at times, assists him in missions to find out who "burned" him (blackballed him within the covert spy community). In the pilot episode, she speaks with an Irish accent, but beginning in the second episode, she changed to an American accent, along with a change in her style of dress, in an effort to distance herself from her past and blend in, showing her own ability to adapt. She is both a complement to Michael and his match in many ways, both intellectually and tactically.

On the show, "Fiona" is a natural hothead, always quick to pull the trigger or blow somebody up, and the actress has deservedly earned a career resurgence in the popular series, in fact along with co-stars Donovan, Sharon Gless and genre veteran Bruce Campbell as Sam Axe, Anwar has easily made Burn Notice one of the best shows on TV.


bzak said...


One of my all time favorite shows on TV today!
They remind me of a kind of 21st century Nick and Nora Charles,

Brian James Riedel

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Quite, yes