Monday, August 3, 2009

Classic Cutie: Deanna Lund

I haven't posted any "Classic Cuties" in quite awhile, having folded this feature over into my regular "Gal" Friday spots, but for some reason today I was trolling the net and ended up looking at old Irwin Allen sci-fi television websites.

I was pleasantly reminded of Deanna Lund who had a featured role as Valerie Ames Scott in the Land of the Giants series. During her career, Lund also appeared in several films and many other TV shows like, The Incredible Hulk, The Waltons, Love American Style, etc. After Land of the Giants ended its two season run, Lund married her co-star Don Matheson, but they later divorced in the late 1970's.

Ms. Lund has remained a very striking looking lady for someone who is currently 72 years old. She has also apparently written a novel called "Valerie in Giantland" based upon her character from the show, but this work is set ten years after the conclusion of the series.

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