Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pulp Sunday; Courtesy of Francesco Francavilla

I've added a cool new blog to my links section which will take you "Pulp Sunday", a great site for stuff by the talented artist (and all around nice guy) behind the current Dynamic Forces Zorro series and The Black Coat, Francesco Francavilla.

Follow it over to peruse some super-groovy art that is inspired by the classic pulp heroes of yore. There are also additional links that will take you to his other sketch blog and his regular website where you will find tons more cool stuff to enjoy.

Check it out!

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cash_gorman said...

I don't check his site out EVERY Sunday but I do look fairly regularly. I love the art that he provides there, his character the Black Beetle is really cool. It was always a disappointment to see his wonderfully moody pencils and then seeing them buried under the painted coloring in Dynamite's Zorro.