Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ted Kennedy: The Comic Book?

Media outlets everywhere are deeply into the process of milking every .... single .... drop ... that they can out of the recent passing of Senator Ted Kennedy. The only positive thing that can result from this unfortunate seediness (and strangely socially accepted by the zombie drones that have replaced most Americans), is that there may be a modicum less of similar coverage of Michael Jackson's passing.

The news media's ongoing, morbid fascination with "celebrity" is one of the primary reasons that human beings remain barely above amoeba on the grand scale of things in the 21st century.

Bluewater Productions had their Kennedy comic book, like earlier Obama, Reagan and McCain portraits in the works for a November 2009 release. His passing has thrown a monkey wrench into the production of the comic and they will now have to reconfigure its contents to include his death.

With condolences to the family and admirers of the late senator, I am of the opinion that his extremely long run as the "Lion of the Senate" is more a sad indictment of our political systems built-in power hegemony, than it is a remarkably historic run. I felt the same way about my own states late senator, Strom Thurmond.

Still, a comic book biography of Kennedy will be a surprising thing to see on the racks alongside Superman, Batman, Spider-Man and the X-Men, but I hope that its publication doesn't detract from Archie Comics upcoming wedding of Archie Andrews and Veronica Lodge.

That's funny business that we can all support!


Daniel [] said...

I agreed with you right up to the point where you embraced the tragic wedding of Archie to Veronica. G_d help an America in which he doesn't marry Betty!

Chuck Wells said...

I feel your pain, sir. Maybe the whole Veronica thing is a simple gimmick, with a nice twist coming for true Riverdale fans.

However the current economy is in a bit of a decline and Ms. Lodge does have money, perhaps the farsighted Archie is simply trading up or planning ahead.