Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How NOT to treat a comic book collection! (Part II)

As a follow up to my report on a co-workers salvage of a comic book collection that was passed along by a late fans widow, I thought I would briefly touch on the last of the books that I had archived for him.

The bulk of what was left (almost 80 issues) leaned heavily towards war titles, and most of those were various Charlton series like Attack, War and Attack, Fightin' Air Force, Fightin' Army, Fightin' Marines, Army War Heroes, Battlefield Action, War, Army Attack and D-Day. There were multiple issues of most of these interesting 1960's and 1970's books. I also have to add that I don't really see nice copies of these series that often at conventions and sorting through them was plenty of fun. An obligatory sampling of later Sgt. Rock and Combat Kelly were also represented, and a dozen issues of Marvels The Nam rounded out these spiffy war comics.

Like some of the other superhero books that I covered, this group of books suffered needlessly under the good widows indifferent storage technique. Simply put, this was a terrific assortment of comics and the only thing wrong with them was months long exposure to the elements that brought most of them down from probably Mint condition to two full grades lower. Too bad, and fortunately for the most part they are still easily appreciated for any readers of this type of material. The artwork wasn't all that bad, particularly on some of the issues featuring Tom Sutton artwork.

I've posted examples of these books to satisfy any curious bloggers who may wander by the Catacombs from time to time, and all of the ones pictured above were in this set.

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